A sunlit journey towards
excellence . . .


n 2002 Joan and Anders Abrahamssoncame almost by accident to Olargues, at the foot of the Espinouse mountains about halfway between Toulouse and Montpellier, and found what they'd left their native Denmark to search for: somewhere to turn into a restaurant, somewhere to apply all the food-trade expertise for which they were well-known in Denmark, above all somewhere to make people happy. In Joan's words: Pampering our guests, encouraging them to relax, enjoy themselves and forget the daily stresses and strains of life: this is our pleasure - and our pride, too.

They found an old garage on the banks of the river Jaur, loveliest and least-known of the rivers of the deep south of France, with heart-warming views across the water to the old village, classified as one of France's most beautiful, with its ancient houses, medieval bell-tower and le Pont du Diable, the Devil's Bridge. They found close by an old coaching hostel, rich in memories of generations of previous family owners. The Abrahamssons, people blessed with vision, they saw how these premises could be made into somewhere very special. It quickly became a family venture, closely involving not only Joan and Anders but their sons Aslak and Kasper, and Kasper's wife Fe.





As you sip your apéritif on the terrace in the shade of the mulberry trees or honeysuckle pergolas, you may notice a wooden hatch among the flagstones: it's the old vehicle inspection pit. As you're served your amuse-bouche (titbits served while your entrée is being prepared) with the home-produced bread for which Fleurs d'Olargues is famous, you may notice a steel girder set high in a pillar: in former times a block and tackle was slung from it. This has been a triumphant conversion, a vindication of courage, creative imagination and good taste.



    Pont du Diable - D908 - 34390 Olargues - Tel. +33 04 67 97 27 04 - joan@fleurs-de-olargues.com